A corporate contest designed to encourage exercise and friendly competition by taking a virtual walk across America on the Discovery Trail. Start a contest, form teams, track your individual steps with a pedometer and compete with your coworkers to see who can finish the Discovery trail first.

  1. Random teams of 4 are created
  2. Each person on the team will track their mileage with a pedometer
  3. Each step will count for 3 feet
  4. The course will follow The American Discovery Trail . The trail goes through: Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and ends in California. The trail is about 5000 miles long
  5. It is tough to get to more than 10,000 steps in a single day, although 10,000 steps a day is what you need to lose weight. As an incentive, there is a 1000 step bonus for each multiple of 10,000 steps you walk each day, i.e. 10,000 steps =1000 step bonus, 20,000 steps = 2000 step bonus.
Each contestant enters their steps for each day
Daily step entry
The site will chart your progress
User step graph
The site calculates actual steps vs. contest steps
User totals
The site aggregates individual results into team results
Team totals
Team progress is shown as teams slowly make their way across the USA
Team progress map